Dec 28, 2015

The CDM software (Coconut Data Management) from Cirad

CDM (Coconut Data Management) is a software intended to manage experimental data observed on collections or experimental fields of coconut over a long period following a regular schedule. It is based on the STANTECH manual which describes the organization of field planting, data gathering, and data analysis, along with the characters to be observed. Data management is made for every palm planted in the fields. Version 3 is able to manage the database containing these palms with their identification characters, along with data concerning immature vegetative observations, leaf morphology, stem measurements, flowering dates, inflorescence morphology, fruit and bunch return, fruit component analyses, and state of the palms. As the location of every palm in the field is recorded in the database, it is possible to draw maps of the fields with geographical representation of characters. Observations are dated with year and month and it is possible to record one value per character and per month. It is possible to execute powerful queries on the database, to export data into external files, and to make statistical analysis of widely used designs.

Illustration of the MAP fonction of the CDM software

Here is the Manual: